Welcome to Latnok
Air Date February 16, 2009
Written by Christopher Hollier, R.P. Gaborno
Director Guy Norman Bee
Episode number Sn3 #6
Next episode Chemistry 101

Kyle honors his promise to Cassidy to visit the Latnok student group; but his vow of a brief visit is tested when he discovers a family problem.


Kyle finds that the Latnok student group is a hip college hang-out for young and bright minds, including Jackie and Mark. Each one is working on a project ranging from plant growth to a device that will hover on its own. Kyle rethinks his decision to reject it all when he finds out about his family's financial condition, and prize money that will solve that. Jessi and Kyle become partners, which brings mixed results.


(re: Jessi's apartment)
Andy: How did you get the keys to this place anyway?
Josh: Lori blackmailed them out of Jessi, and then I blackmailed them out of Lori.
Andy: What do you have on Lori?
Josh: Nothing. I just inferred things. She's a very guilty person.

Kyle: Why didn't you tell me about Amanda?
Jessi: Because I don't want you to be with her. I want you to be with me.

Dramatis personae


Matt Dallas - Kyle
Marguerite MacIntyre - Nicole Trager
Bruce Thomas - Stephen Trager
April Matson - Lori Trager
Jean-Luc Bilodeau - Josh Trager
Chris Olivero - Declan McDonough
Kirsten Prout - Amanda Bloom
Jaimie Alexander - Jessi


Magda Apanowicz - Andy Jensen
Hal Ozsan - Cassidy
Josh Zuckerman - Mark
Jesse Hutch - Nate Harrison
Ali Liebert - Jackie


Brandon Jay McLaren - Chad
Eileen Barrett - Competition Judge

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Life Support Chemistry 101

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