Season 1

MRI Technicians

MRI techs

Two people are at the controls for Kyle's MRI, the one on our right having a beard. Beard: "Oh, damn, when's the last time you had this thing calibrated. I'm gone for a week...." Rupert: "It's fine, I ran two MRIs this morning." Beard: "Fine? Look at it, it's a mess!" Josh: "What is it?" Beard: "Oh, the computer's on the fritz. See this red area here? That's supposed to represent the active part of the brain." Josh: "So?" Beard: "You and I use maybe 7% of our brains. At any given time. Einstein used 9% of his brain. Rupert here uses 2%." Josh (who is always accidentally correct): "So it means he's some super genius?" Beard: "It means a mechanical failure, you'll have to come back some other time." Josh: "But what if the machine's right?" Beard: "Hypothetically speaking, with this type of neural hyperactivity, he'd be prone to all sorts of seizures*, strokes, tumors...." Rupert: "Tu-tumors."

*for seizure, see episode Overheard.

Rupert is played by Chris Gauthier in Pilot.
The one with a beard is played by Andrew McNee in Pilot.

Season 2



Nicole visits a therapist to console her about Kyle's departure.

The therapist was played by Judith Maxie in The Prophet.

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