The Rack is a popular hangout for teenagers in the story. All three of the Trager kids are seen there commonly, along with Declan and Hillary and Amanda. There is a magazine rack up front by the entrance, a counter for ordering the wide range of food and drink, and there is a covered outdoor seating area in back. Josh gets a job there, and works under the orders of J.T, and he soon meets Andy there. Amanda also gets a job there. Jessi likes to hang out there, partly to annoy Amanda.

Two important events are there: Open Mike Night, when Lori first performs one of her songs with guitar; and the Swing Spring Fling alterna-dance, when Lori is injured. Mark and Lori first meet accidently there, and then have dates there; Declan and Jackie also have a date there. Even Cassidy comes in a few times in season 3. We do not, however, see Nicole or Stephen at The Rack as customers.

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