The Hunter
First SeenThe Homecoming
Last SeenThe Homecoming
Portrayed byJim Shield

The first person that 781228 XX encounters is a lone and large hunter camping near the hidden Zzyzx compound.

Season 2


The hunter is seen emerging from a tent to taste from birds roasting on a stick over his campfire, then throwing his big knife at a tree. When "XX" approaches the fire to try to eat as she had seen him do, he is getting a pint liquor bottle.


He sees a naked young woman by the fire, and looks toward the sky to say "Thank you. Not even my birthday." He goes towards her and shows her how to drink from the bottle, then hands it to her saying "Warm you up."


She spits out the drink he offers her, all over him. He says "Must be crazy." When he tries next to stroke her shoulder, he is knocked flying completely across the camp.


Angry and bleeding on his forehead, he pulls the knife from the tree, saying "You wanna play?" He stalks towards her, waving the knife to threaten her. She watches it for a moment, then takes the knife with a quick snatch. He gets worried and demands "Give it to me!" She flips the knife to another grip and throws it as he did into the same tree, but her throw sinks in all the way to the handle.


The last thing he does on earth is start to attack her.

Hunter Dead

Sent on a mission to find the missing female experiment, Emily Hollander arrives at the hunter's camp near Zzyzx. She reports "a dead guy, covered in pink goo." 781228 is next seen wandering in a city park, wearing only his large plaid coat.


Season 2

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