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Portrayed byRhys Williams

Skeeter is one of the boys in the Juvenile Detention Center that police take the naked boy to in Pilot.

Season 1

The lost boy, who does not understand anything and cannot speak, is given a tray of food and seated in the dining area. He notices Skeeter sitting across the aisle. Skeeter does not have anything to drink and says impatiently "Yo, let's get some juice down here. What'sup, everyone takin' stupid pills around here? Juice me!" The boy is concentrating in wonder. He sees Skeeter pick up a muffin and bite into it, and copies him, discovering how to eat.


Skeeter gets angry as the boy keeps looking at him, and says "See something you like, hoss? You're gonna see my fist, if you don't stop eyeballing me." One of his buddies says "Kick his ass, man," and Skeeter goes over to fight. Lou Daniels intervenes, telling him "Keep cool, Skeeter, he can't understand a word you're saying. He ain't dissin' you, man." Skeeter says "Alright. But if he's starin' at me? Then I'm gonna have to kick his sorry ass."


Later in the outdoor exercise area, Skeeter faces the boy, who is smiling to recognize him. Skeeter's friends are expecting a fight, and Skeeter approaches in a taunting way, saying "Come on, dude, what'cha got?" walking around the puzzled boy. "Come on, put your hands up, put 'em up!" The boy copies Skeeter's boxer position, but drops his hands because of a pain below his waist. When he does, Skeeter lands a right-hand fist in his face, and the boy goes down.

Lou comes to stop the fight, and sees that the boy is bleeding from the nose and has urinated where he is sitting on the ground. Lou clears the area and says they will have no privileges for a week.


Season 1

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