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Image Title episode#
Prophet2 The Prophet Writer: Director: #1
Kyle begins his training under Adam Baylin, while the Tragers try to deal with their life without him. Tom Foss warns that Kyle's contact with the Tragers is too dangerous, and Zzyzx finds them. Kyle, Foss, and Brian Taylor plan life without Adam.
AtTheTable Homecoming Writer: Director: #2
Brian Taylor spins more lies about the Petersons to let Kyle return to the Tragers. The condition is that Kyle must begin rigorous training with Foss. Another secret experiment like Kyle begins her life ouside Zzyzx, and Madacorp sends Emily Hollander to track her down.
MentalHacker The List is Life Writer: Director: #3
Madacorp finds "781228" and programs her as Jessi. Ballantine wants to use Jessi to take the data Kyle has in his mind from Zzyzx. He sends Emily to "get her into his life" at the Tragers. Kyle is developing his surprising abilities, but fails to tell Amanda about Charlie's cheating.
BalancingAct Balancing Act Writer: Director: #4
Kyle tries to win back Amanda, while training with Tom Foss. Emily arranges for Nicole to take Jessi as her patient at home.
575429 Come to Your Senses Writer: Director: #5
A robbery sends Kyle on a mission to find Amanda's stolen bracelet. But he also loses the ring he has from Adam.
ElectricFish Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish? Writer: Director: #6
Kyle begins having puzzling visions that seem to predict the future. He and Foss study Adam's research and belongings for answers. A new clue is found, further testing and developing Kyle's abilities.
Free to be you and Me Free to Be You and Me Writer: Director: #7
Kyle prepares for his first date with Amanda at the school's Spring Fling, and must learn to dance from Josh. Because all three Trager kids are banned from the dance, Lori and Andy organize an "alterna-dance". Jessi sneaks out to attend, and is caught by Emily. Lori is hurt.
WhatFrequency What's the Frequency, Kyle? Writer: Director: #8
Stephen's father is in a coma at the hospital, and Kyle is able to communicate with him. Ballantine is impatient with using Jessi to steal Kyle's memory.
Ghost in the Machine Ghost in the Machine Writer: Director: #9
Lori takes all the kids on a daring expedition in the woods, and they are are trapped in the ruins of Zzyzx. Jessi recovers some terrifying memories of her first days alive. Kyle recovers important memories from his past in Zzyzx, and retrieves a hidden box of Adam's. Stephen goes to work at Madacorp.
HouseOfCards House of Cards Writer: Director: #10
The key to opening Adam's box is the ring he has seen Ballantine wearing. Kyle, Foss, and Declan plan to steal it back. Lori is worried about how close her dad is to Emily.
HandsOnHybrid Hands on a Hybrid Writer: Director: #11
During a charity event, Kyle tries to bond with Jessi. He helps her retrieve her memories, and both are surprised at what they are. Amanda sees them together in a way that makes her think Kyle is like Charlie.
Lockdown Lockdown Writer: Director: #12
Jessi is so distressed by her memories that she runs away, and relives even worse memories. Everyone is worried about something, and Nicole puts the family on lockdown. Stephen leaves and makes a very disturbing discovery at Madacorp. Kyle leaves to help Jessi, and finds her just in time.
132530 Leap of Faith Writer: Director: #13
Kyle and Jessi go on a quest to learn more about their origins, while the Tragers try to piece together Kyle's past to get some answers to all the strange events.
CIRwithKyle To CIR With Love Writer: Director: #14
Kyle returns to the Tragers to tell them the truth about his existence. Together they develop a plan to defeat Madacorp, and are surprised by the help that makes it possible.
BrightFuture The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades Writer: Director: #15
Back at school, the Tragers are faced with Career Days and questions of their futures. Even Stephen has to decide about another job. The secret of Kyle's and Jessi's abilities is jeopardised as Jessi struggles with her role, and her future living with Brian.
Kylanda Great Expectations Writer: Director: #16
Amanda unexpectedly returns home from music school, causing Kyle to re-evaluate his relationship with her. Jessi is jealous, but does try to help.
KylandaTub Grounded Writer: Director: #17
A social worker visits to examine Kyle's situation. And there is a lot to hide--quickly. Kyle is getting mysterious messages, and the record that Adam and Sarah used to play has appeared.
Between The Rack and a Hard Place Between The Rack and a Hard Place Writer: Director: #18
Kyle and Amanda work at The Rack, and Lori and Declan try to advance their romance. Jessi thinks Kyle is ignoring her. Nicole is worried about losing her license, and does not help Jessi either. Brian becomes Jessi's trainer. Stephen takes a teaching position at UW, and Lori is embroiled with Mark, Stephen's teaching assistant.
SarahShootsPool The First Cut is the Deepest Writer: Director: #19
Stephen takes Kyle and Jessi to UW to do a computer hacking demonstration for his class, and to learn more about Sarah. Mark shows them more about Sarah. Lori, Declan, and Hillary go to UW too, looking for a d.j. for the prom. When they all wind up in the same place, all hell breaks loose. Kyle is very concerned about Jessi pushing herself too hard to do special things. But Kyle also pushes too much.
HelpMeToo Primary Colors Writer: Director: #20
Kyle is under too much pressure, and starts to have problems when he is pulled in too many directions. A group study session goes badly, Kyle continues to suffer a breakdown, and special help is called in.
BrianPushesJessi Grey Matters Writer: Director: #21
Kyle and Josh are involved in a cheating scandal at school, while Jessi continues to push herself to please Brian. Kyle asks Amanda to the prom.
KyleMeetsSarah Hello... Writer: Director: #22
Kyle arranges a meeting between Jessi and Sarah, while the kids are busy with prom planning.
ReadyForProm I've Had the Time of My Life Writer: Director: #23
Prom is finally here, and everyone is trying to make the night as perfect as possible. They all work together, even Jessi. It turns out wonderful--except for some of the endings.

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