Scott Little
Date of BirthApril 9, 1985
RoleRack coworker

Scott Little is a Canadian actor who portrayed the tall, geeky coworker with Josh at The Rack in The List is Life. He was later the video cameraman for Hillary. Listed for production as Evan, but name not used in show.

Selected filmography

  • Exley (2011) .... Groomsman
  • Smallville (2009) (TV) .... worker at the Daily Planet
  • Paparazzi Princess (2008) (TV) .... clerk
  • Kyle XY .... Evan
  • Battlestar Galactica (2007) (TV) .... Willie King
  • To Be Fat Like Me (2007) (TV) .... George
  • Three Moons Over Milford (2006) (TV) .... passerby #1
  • Murder in Mind (2002) (TV) .... young Richard

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