First SeenThis is Not a Test
Last SeenKyle Got Game
Portrayed byGiacomo Baessato

Robbie is a school friend of Josh Trager, seen as a threesome with Doug.

Season 1


On the first day back in school, looking for classes, Robbie and Doug laugh at Josh when they see that he has Ms. Schultz for reading. It is Robbie who says that she is the teacher for Remedial English.


At lunch, when Josh explains his theory that Kyle is an alien, Robbie doubtfully asks if the plan is to "recruit an army of losers, like L.K. Deichman?"


Robbie is among the guys in Josh's backyard when Kyle discovers shooting baskets.


Josh is talking up the Bisons' chances with Kyle on the team. Both Doug and Robbie think it won't matter. Robbie says that the Lancers will double-team Kyle to stop him. Josh thinks that won't stop Kyle. Then, seeing someone else taking bets, Josh takes bets. Doug wants $5, Robbie goes in for "a Hamilton" or $10.


Robbie and Doug sit with Josh at the game, helping Josh be jealous of his dad's enthusiasm for Kyle, and then watching him as the Bisons forfeit. Both boys come to the house to be paid off in video games.


Season 1

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