The following is a list of memorable quotes from The Lies That Bind.

  • Lori Trager: It’s so gross that he sleeps in there.
  • Josh Trager: It must remind him of his pod.

  • Stephen Trager: First he couldn’t sleep, now he’s Rip Van Winkle.

  • Jason Breen: I need to come see you today.
  • Nicole Trager: Did you find something out about Kyle?
  • Jason Breen: It looks like it. I think Kyle may be connected to a murder.

  • Stephen Trager: I told you when we first started. It’s not just me you’re getting. You’re getting my whole team. We’re a package.
  • Brad: Well, that package got too expensive, okay? We had a terrible quarter, a terrible year. Now if we outsource the research, dump the division --
  • Stephen Trager: Dump the division? These are people, Brad, with lives and families. Mark Crenshaw’s wife just had a baby.
  • Brad: You’re not working out of your garage anymore. You have an obligation now to your shareholders --
  • Stephen Trager: And my friends.
  • Brad: They’re employees first.

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