The following is a list of memorable quotes from Pilot.

  • Kyle: My birth was unconventional at best. My first memory was waking up in the forest. Like a newborn baby, I had no idea who I was or what was happening. My eyes weren’t sure what they were seeing.

  • Josh Trager: Ah, it’s alive!
  • Lori Trager: Bite me.
  • Josh Trager: No thanks. That’s Declan’s job.

  • Skeeter: Yo, let’s get some juice down here. S’up? Everyone taking stupid pills around here? Juice me!

  • Lou Daniels: You know, he kind of reminds me of my brother Kyle. He got all the looks in the family.
  • Nicole Trager: That’s perfect. Kyle.

  • Lori Trager: Hello? Oh, hi Hillary. No, Declan still hasn’t called and if he’s with Jessica, he’s probably got the clap by now. Oh you know me, I felt weird when Mike Suby put his hand down my pants.

  • Carol Bloom: You know, this neighborhood isn’t zoned for halfway houses. Oh, good evening by the way.

  • Lori Trager: It’s not fair, Dad. I was in the next room, it’s not like I left him alone with Michael Jackson.

  • Josh Trager: Whooooa, slow down Rainman. Haven’t even finished grading the last one.

  • Radiologist: Oh damn, when’s the last time you had this thing calibrated? I go away for a week…
  • Technician: It’s fine! I ran two MRIs this morning.
  • Radiologist: You blind? Look, it’s a mess.

  • Josh Trager: Hey dude, you’re not gonna wig out on me right?I mean if somethin’ weird starts to happen - like you foam at the mouth? Don’t do it here. Go get my mom.

  • Kyle: At the children’s home, the other captives referred to a strange place. I finally realized I’d arrived... in hell.

  • Kyle: What... am I?

  • Kyle: I get... scared.
  • Nicole Trager: What? What are you scared of?
  • Kyle: Everything.

  • Kyle: Rats are your enemy?
  • Stephen Trager: No, but when they start paying rent, they can put down people traps.

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