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Portrayed byKevin Durand

Officer Wolner is one of the police in the raid on Declan's party in the Pilot episode.

Season 1


Right after being sick on the floor, Kyle sees a sudden commotion with people running away. Looking out the plate glass toward the pool deck, he sees Officer Wolner grabbing Lori. Understanding nothing of why she is being attacked, Kyle goes straight towards her to help her. That means going through the plate glass, which makes him slip some on the concrete pool deck, and bleeding in spots on his face. Everyone stops to watch.


When Kyle approaches, the cop tells him "Cool it, kid, you're fried." Kyle makes a hissing sound like a snake, hoping to frighten him, and Wolner lets go of Lori to confront him. Seeing Lori released, Kyle smiles as if it is over now.


Wolner swings handcuffs at Kyle's arm, but Kyle moves his arm too quickly. Wolner goes for the other arm, same thing. Wolner stares at him threateningly, and Kyle holds out his right arm. When Wolner again swings his handcuffs down, Kyle takes them with his left hand and steps past him. He turns towards Wolner to give him back the handcuffs, but Wolner whips out his baton.


The first time Wolner swings at Kyle, he lifts that leg out of the way.


When Wolner makes another swing, Kyle spins away from the blow.


Wolner goes for a stab to his body, and Kyle deflects his arm. Wolner stabs again to the other side, and Kyle again deflects him arm.


Dodging another great swing at him, Kyle has an opportunity to take the baton away from Wolner.


But with the baton, Kyle makes no move to actually use it, simply making a short swing to hold it where a blow could have gone. Then, he drops it between them. Wolner starts to pull his pistol, but seeing Kyle only watching for his next move, and with a large audience, he thinks better of it.


Kyle hopes "this creature will have as much sense as the snake." He eventually does, and leaves quietly.


Season 1

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