Mrs. Schultz
First SeenThis is Not a Test
Last SeenThis is Not a Test
Portrayed byCatherine Lough Haggquist

Ms. Schultz is Josh Trager's Remedial Reading teacher in Season 1 for a single scene that introduces Toby Neuwirth.

Season 1

Ms. Schultz begins the class by having everyone turn to a page in the text for a story. She starts reading a paragraph, "It was a cold, damp morning. The mist clung to the ground like a silver cloak." Then checking a list, she asks Toby to continue. He is not following in the book, and says "Pass." Ms. Schultz says "I'm afraid I don't offer that option." Toby struggles with "Grandfather's cat was still in degravle" and the class and Josh, who is sitting next to Toby, start to laugh. Toby cannot pronounce "geranium". When the class laughs some more, he quits and folds his arms in defiance.

Ms. Schultz tells Josh to continue, which he does with no problem: "near the geraniums that he had not finished planting. Dirt was piled next to the hole, like a mound of dirt next to a fresh grave." Josh looks to Toby with a smirk, and realizes he is in big trouble.


Season 1

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