Bradford Hooper
Seasons1, 2
First SeenDiving In
Last SeenGrey Matters
Portrayed byMalcolm Stewart

In the first season, Bradford Hooper is the Vice-principal for Beachwood High School, where the Trager kids go. He appears more in Season 2 as the Principal.

Season 1

Hooper ImMrHooper
Hooper handshakes

On the first day of school, Nicole and Kyle are waiting to meet with Mr. Hooper about enrolling Kyle. Kyle tries to do the handshake as he has seen the kids greeting. Mr. Hooper is somewhat amused with "these kids and their handshakes."

Hooper concerns

Mr. Hooper asks to speak with Nicole privately, where he brings up the problems at the Detention Center and the murder investigation. He is against having Kyle enrolled in school, because there are no other school records for placing him. He considers him too "special" to fit in a regular school. Nicole says that it is his legal obligation to give Kyle a suitable education. He says they have five hours of placement testing to get started.

Hooper KyleGone
Hooper library

But they have to find Kyle, who has wandered off and is staring at Amanda through a classroom door. Tests start with History, and Kyle wanders off again. Mr. Hooper looks in the library, but Kyle and he miss each other. He calls Nicole at home, and she and Stephen arrive in time to see Kyle in a struggle.

Hooper DidntAnswer
Hooper NotPossible

Mr. Hooper tells the Tragers that with his disregard for school rules, the altercation, and his refusal to answer a single question, there is no place at the school for a boy like Kyle. When Mr. Miller interrupts, there is reconsideration, and Kyle is given all the tests. When Kyle is done with all of them in a few minutes, Mr. Hooper must let him begin at the school the next day.

Season 2

Hooper2 OhCrap

Hooper catches Kyle, Lori, and Amanda skipping class to protest the rule against same-sex couples for the big Spring Fling dance. He calls the Tragers to his office, telling Nicole that she has "raised two vandals and a petty thief," and bars them all from going to the dance.

He later punishes Josh for skipping out on the career fair. Josh insists that he does care about his future, and Hooper says that's all he needed to hear. And that is the last we see of Mr. Hooper.


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