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Mike Suby was Lori's boyfriend prior to Season 1. While at home to watch after Kyle when he is first in the Trager home, Lori tells Hillary on the phone something about Mike Suby. Kyle first speaks that night at the dinner table by repeating what he had heard Skeeter say in the detention center to get something to drink. All were amazed that Kyle could suddenly talk, and Josh tries to get him to say something else. To please them, Kyle repeats exactly what Lori had said on the phone: "I felt weird when Mike Suby put his hands down my pants, all I could think about was the warts on his hands."

Background information and notes

This name was used as a production joke for Michael Suby, the composer for background and theme music for the series. Michael is usually not credited, as he should be, for composing the tune She Could Be You used in Season 2 as a theme for Kyle and Jessi. Credit is usually given only to Shawn Hlookoff, who did perform the lyrics for the jukebox version.

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