Michael Cassidy
First SeenIt Happened One Night
Last SeenBringing Down the House
Portrayed byHal Ozsan

Michael Cassidy is the villain of Season 3. Like Ballantine, he is very powerful through an organization, and there is something he wants from Kyle. What he does to get it, is much of Season 3.

Family & Relationships



  • Jessi - apartment neighbor, study subject
  • Kyle - study subject, half-brother
  • Mark - helping Latnok

Season 3

Jessi is in the hall of Sarah's apartment building, when a large dog comes running at her. As she simply stares at it, the dog stops and lies down. A man chasing after the dog is amazed to see it lying still, and asks her how she did it. Jessi says "It's just a dog." He continues in mildly flirtatious conversation by asking the best time to do laundry. She says "After midnight." He says he hopes they meet again. They do.


Season 3

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