MadaCorp bldg front

Mada Corporation, or Madacorp, is described as "a multi-billion-dollar technological research and development corporation." It was established in 1971. The word "mada" in Hebrew (מדע) means "science" (it also is 'Adam' spelled backwards).

There is a preview reference in the Season 1 episode Sleepless in Seattle: Kyle switches on the radio, and an ad says: "The Future today. Madacorp on the web at m-a-d-a-c-o-r-p-dot-com." The company takes the place of Zzyzx in Season 2, providing two recurring characters:

  • Julian Ballantine - an executive officer determined to retrieve the information from Zzyzx that Kyle has in his mind.
  • Emily Hollander - hired by Ballantine as secret agent.

With the help of almost everyone, the evil intents of Julian, and Julian, are vanquished by the midpoint of Season 2, with only a cameo appearance by Emily in a later episode.

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