Sour Patch Kids candy was the show's main sponsor during Season 1 and the first 13 episodes of Season 2. Part of the arrangement was for the candy to appear and to be a favorite of Kyle's.

Season 1

Sleepless in Seattle

Kyle takes a bag of Sour Patch Kids out of Josh's backpack while on his late-night eating spree. Later, while listening to white noise, Kyle eats from a bag of the candies, which Josh takes back.

The Lies That Bind

Nicole packs a bag of Sour Patch Kids in Josh's backpack before he leaves for summer school. Later, Josh exchanges a bag for test answers from Kyle.

Blame It on the Rain

Josh is eating from a bag of Sour Patch Kids when Amanda Bloom rings the doorbell so she wouldn't be alone during the rainstorm.

This Is Not a Test

Robbie is eating from a bag on the first day of school, as the three boys look for their classrooms.

Kyle Got Game

Kyle pours an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids onto his cereal while Stephen relives his glory days of when he was a high school basketball player.


Nicole tells Julie Peterson about how Kyle puts Sour Patch Kids on his cereal, which occurred in Kyle Got Game.

Season 2

The Homecoming

Kyle eats from a bag of Sour Patch Kids just before spotting a glass of water and using his mental powers to attempt to move the water.

The List Is Life

While Kyle tries to talk to Amanda at the bonfire party, Nicole hands him a bag of Sour Patch Kids.

Free to Be You and Me

A bag of Sour Patch Kids rests inside a vending machine behind Lori and Hillary, who discuss being denied tickets to the school dance. Later, at the alternative dance organized by the girls, a bowl of Sour Patch Kids rests between Kyle and Josh, who discuss Kyle's lack of ability or enthusiasm for dancing.

Ghost in the Machine

While Josh tries unsuccessfully to build a fire by rubbing two wooden sticks together, Andy says she can't believe Josh brought Sour Patch Kids but no matches.

Hands on a Hybrid

Amanda brings a bag of Sour Patch Kids to Kyle while he competes in the hybrid-car contest.


While Josh and Andy play G-Force, a bag of Sour Patch Kids rests among the junk food nearby.


  • After Leap of Faith, Sour Patch Kids ceased to sponsor the show, and no longer appeared.

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