Life Support
Air Date February 9, 2009
Written by Bryan M. Holdman
Director Michael Robison
Episode number Sn3 #5
Next episode Welcome to Latnok

Driving Nicole so she can give a psychology lecture, Kyle is distracted by thoughts of losing Adam. There is a bad accident with both good and disastrous consequences. Lori and Jessi stop fighting long enough for Jessi to help. Unfortunately, somebody else helps too.


Still dealing with his break-up with Amanda and the news of Adam Baylin's death Kyle is getting a break by going on a trip along with Josh and Nicole to a conference where Nicole is giving at talk. They are driving through a remote area and Kyle is distracted and misses his turn and they wind up on the wrong route.

Suddenly coming upon a stalled car in the road, Kyle swerves and they go off the road and down a small ravine. Kyle is uninjured, Josh has a sore ankle and Nicole seems all right but is trapped in the passenger's seat. The woman, Gretchen, whose car was blocking the road is very pregnant. After they push her car out of the way she goes into labor. Kyle goes away from the accident and concentrates on Jessi, trying to call for help. He goes back and at with Nicole's encouragement, helps deliver Gretchen's baby.

Back at the Trager's Stephen plays referee when Jessi and Lori quarrel. He plays scrabble with Jessi and, when they receive a call from the conference saying that Nicole has not arrived, Jessi notices that she's been spelling messages about an accident. They try to figure out the route and Jessi get's images of the route sign so they know where to send help. When help arrives Nicole is unconscious and has actually been badly injured.

At the hospital there is nothing more that the doctors can do. Her organs are shutting down. Kyle goes into the break room, reads the medical books and steals a lab coat to go help, but she's beyond what's in the books, or his powers. Jessi suggest that he contact Latnok to get some of Adam's growth fluid that helped him recover from the gunshot wound. He contacts Latnok and Cassidy offers to get it for him -- if he will work for them. Reluctantly he agrees and soon he has a sample of the pink fluid. He injects it into Nicole and she begins to recover.

At the end of the episode Jessi tells Cassidy that she only urged Kyle to come to him because Nicole needed it. She says that if he ever hurts Kyle or anyone in the family she will kill him. He believes her and is obviously shaken.

Dramatis personae



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