L.K. Deichman
Deichman lunchroom2
First SeenThis is Not a Test
Last SeenThis is Not a Test
Portrayed byCascy Beddow

L.K. Deichman is a student at Beachwood High School who meets Kyle on his first day there.

Season 1

Deichman lunchroom

Unable to answer any of the questions on the tests required for him to enter school, Kyle wanders out of Bradford Hooper's office. After visiting the math room, he follows the other students at the next bell to the lunchroom. Kyle is about to sit with Amanda when Charlie does. Turning around, he sits next to a boy by himself at table, who is busy drawing in a notebook. The boy says "Oo-oo, I wouldn't sit there," and goes on to explain that he is called Geekman or Dikeman, because his name is Deichman. When Kyle tries to see his comic-book-style drawings, L.K. tries to hide them. When Kyle says he draws too, L.K. explains about the super-heroes who have secret identities "to hide their amazing abilities. So they can help people, without freaking them out." When L.K. makes a noise with the straw at the bottom of his drink cup, Kyle tries making the same noise.

Deichman library

Kyle asks about some of the names on the tests, whether they are super-heroes too. L.K. realizes that Kyle doesn't know anything, and thinks it's funny that he came to high school to learn. But he takes Kyle to the library and shows him the encyclopedias.

Deichman fight

L.K. is one of the kids watching as Kyle saves Josh from Toby Neuwirth.

Deichman swoosh
Deichman drawing

After school, Kyle sees him outside sitting and drawing, and goes over to thank him for helping him in the library. L.K. says that people are looking at them together because "I'm weird." Kyle says "I think weird is good." L.K. says "I saw what you did. Blau! Swoosh! Biff! In effect." He tells Kyle "I know I said that super-heroes aren't real, but. Keep it." and hands him an idealized portrait that Kyle keeps as a treasure on his wall.


Season 1

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