It Happened One Night
Air Date January 12, 2009
Written by Eric Tuchman
Director Chris Grismer
Episode number Sn3 #1
Next episode Psychic Friend

Kyle is determined to find Amanda, and has help from Jessi at great cost to her.


Josh and Andy think about having sex on prom night.

Lori discovers Hillary and Declan kissing in a hotel room during the prom after-party.

Kyle hides next to the elevator when he hears someone coming from the elevator, then discovers it is Jessi.

Nicole starts to worry about Jessi when she calls and there is no answer.

Jessi and Kyle finally find Amanda by the end of the night.

Kyle takes Amanda Home while Jessi goes back to Sarah's apartment to find that she is not there but left Jessi's bag and a letter.

Amanda wakes up from a deep sleep, having forgotten about what happened to her on prom night.

Kyle returns home and tells Stephen and Nicole that Amanda is back at home and safe.

Dramatis personae



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I've Had the Time of My Life Psychic Friend

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