In the Company of Men
Air Date February 2, 2009
Written by Daniel Arkin
Director Guy Norman Bee
Episode number Sn3 #4
Next episode Life Support

Kyle tries to drown his sorrow, while Lori and Jessi have a new connection, along with Josh and Andy.


With Kyle heartbroken over being dumped by Amanda, everyone attempts to cheer him up, including Declan and Josh, who take him to a local bar that doesn't check IDs. Having too many drinks, Kyle decides to show off his abilities to impress the bar patrons. Once the boys are able to get him out of the bar, they discover Josh's car has been towed. In a desperate attempt to avoid calling the parents, they steal the car back. The dreadful night doesn't end there: at home, Kyle is met by Foss, who informs him that Adam Baylin has died. Stephen forbids Lori from dating Mark, so she uses Jessi's apartment as a get-away. They aren't the only ones.

Dramatis personae



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Electric Kiss Life Support

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