Kyle enters the Hoverboard competition hoping to use the $50,000 prize to help pay Nicole's hospital expenses. That takes him initially back to the Latnok students facility at UW, and to Cassidy. Mark gives him a work station next to Nate, who is the current Hoverboard champion. Nate greatly resents Kyle expecting to design and build a prototype in two days. Seeing his progress, however, he destroys the circuit board Kyle was working on there.


Kyle leaves the Latnok center to work at home. Stephen helps with the circuitry, and the others do anything to make it go easier. Lori and Josh help hold Kyle as they try to see if it will get him off the ground.


It does get off the ground, but begins to go unstable even with Jessi trying to work the controls to compensate. It flips out from under him, and Kyle crashes along with it. He says they are done, because the magnets are not strong enough. Jessi cashes the checks she has been receiving from her mother, and buys industrial magnets, instead of letting Kyle go back to Latnok for them.


They work to make another version that still is not assembled when they arrive. Three of the students from Latnok, including Mark and Jackie, come to help, and they get it together just barely in time.


Nate gets to go first, and is very confident in his professional-looking device. When Kyle does rise almost as high, Nate pushes his higher. But it overloads and falls down.


Kyle manages to keep rising, and even to steer it across the stage and back down to a landing. Winning the prize money means the family is out of debt, and they all have another memory of being in something together.

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