Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Air Date March 9, 2009
Written by Daniel Arkin, Andrea Conway
Director James Head
Episode number Sn3 #9
Next episode Bringing Down the House

The whole Trager family is together preparing to eat the booty like grocery's.


Jessi is dismayed when Kyle invites Cassidy over for dinner. Andy gives Josh a surprise visit by coming over to dinner, and Lori gives Declan one more chance for their relationship to work. Now that Kyle and Jessi know what Cassidy did to Sarah, they need to find out what he really wants from them. But to find out, Kyle must lie, and Jessi must stay out of the plans by the whole family. But when Jessi shows up unexpectedly, Cassidy is forced to tell them something about Jessi that shocks everyone. In contrast, Josh plans the perfect evening for his last night with Andy.

Dramatis personae



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Tell-Tale Heart Bringing Down the House

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