Dr. Jacob Cassidy
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Portrayed byBruce Dawson

Dr. Jacob Cassidy is the hypnotist that Nicole brings in to help Kyle remember something of his past.

Season 1


While under hypnosis, Kyle says he is in a car and it's raining. He says he is not alone, there is a man looking in, Prof. Kern. Kyle becomes very distressed and says "He's hurting him!" and says that it is Foss hurting him. Kyle is so distressed that Nicole tells Dr. Cassidy to get him out of it. Jacob asks Kyle what happened before, and after a pause Kyle suddenly begins to speak an impossibly fast repetetive gibberish.


Nicole again is worried about Kyle and tells Dr. Cassidy to pull him out of the trance. After Kyle is awake and has gone upstairs to talk with the other kids, Jacob tells Nicole that he has never seen a case like it. He says "Kyle shows clear signs of delusions of paranoia" with a fixation on Prof. Kern when police have found no connection, fears of the security guard, and the gibberish. Nicole finds other explanations, and Jacob says "Well, that's as good a guess as any."


Season 1

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