First SeenThis is Not a Test
Last SeenKyle Got Game
Portrayed byJeff Ballard

Doug is a school friend of Josh Trager in Season 1, along with Robbie.

Season 1

On the first day back in school, looking for classes, Doug and Robbie laugh at Josh when they see that he has Schultz for reading, because that class is Remedial.


Josh sits with them in the lunchroom and tells them that Kyle is an alien. Doug doubts that starting in that high school will be a way to take over the world. Doug then asks Josh, "Speaking of losers," about his reading class. Josh says it is "a bunch of morons who can't read," unaware that another student in the class is listening.


After Toby bumps Josh hard on the hall, Doug asks "Dude, what was that about?" Josh says "I don't know, I think I insulted him." Doug says "Well, un-insult him. That's Toby Neuwirth. He's got major anger management issues." When Josh meets Toby on the big stairs and tries to speak with him, Doug is watching as a fight develops.


Doug is in Josh's backyard when Kyle is shooting baskets, and challenges him to do a longer shot than just free-throw.


Doug saw Kyle making impossible shots, but is then one of the people making bets with Josh on the championship game against the Lancers. He visits Josh later to settle the bet by getting Josh's video games.


Season 1

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