Detective Myatt
First SeenCome to Your Senses
Last SeenCome to Your Senses
Portrayed byLori Ann Triolo

Detective Myatt is in charge of the investigation of the burglary attempt at the Bloom residence.

Season 2

Detective Myatt enters with Carol Bloom expecting to talk with Amanda, and meets Kyle too because he has come in to check on Amanda. Det. Myatt asks Kyle if he got a good look at the thief, and then asks if he got the license number of the get-away car. She asks if anything besides the heirloom bracelet is missing, and Amanda shows her a photo including the bracelet. Det. Myatt asks to take the photo to make a copy.

Amanda goes to the police station for a lineup of suspects, and Kyle is also there with her to show the detective his drawing of the car. Det. Myatt is impressed with the detail of the drawing, which closely resembles a photo of the car.

We next see Det. Myatt after the thief had been caught in another attempted burglary by Kyle and Lori and arrested. He did not have the bracelet. Myatt hands the thief a note from Kyle to see a doctor about his heart problem.


Season 2

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