Coach for the Bisons
First SeenKyle Got Game
Last SeenKyle Got Game
Portrayed byWilliam Taylor

The coach for the Bisons is not an entirely nice man, as Kyle discovers on his first day of practice.

Season 1


After seeing Kyle sink impossible baskets, Charlie brings him to practice, the week before the championship game. Coach says the team is perfectly balanced, and a new player will not be approved by the league. Then, he sees Kyle making baskets in every direction. He is still dubious when Kyle can't make a shot in game practice.


When Declan hurts his ankle in practice, Kyle sees Coach coming onto the sidelines saying "Let's go ladies, line up!" Kyle is confused about that, and stays where he is on the court. Coach sees Declan limping and says "McDonough! What's up." Declan says "It's nothing," and Coach says "Good. No room for soft players here."


Kyle is still standing on the court, so Coach says "Kyle. You waitin' for a special invitation? Move it!"


On game day, when the team is seated, Coach starts what he thinks is a pep-talk with ""Alright. It all comes down to this: One game, one moment in time to prove that We Are the Best...."


Then he screams "And We Are The Best!"


"We haven't beaten the Lancers in two years, Two Years!" Kyle thinks: "(I had no idea why Coach was shouting, or why he kept saying things twice.)"


"My grandpa plays better defense than them. My Grandma!" Kyle thinks: "(Too bad she's not playing.)"


Kyle misses a pass, and Coach hollers at him "Control the ball, to control the game. The game!" A Lancer steals the ball from Kyle and scores, so Coach screams "Guard your man! That's your man!"


When Declan falls and has to be carried to the bench, Coach gets down and says "Shake it off, McDonough, it's crunch time." Declan can't get up, and Coach says "Get your ass on that court, or you're out! Play, or you're off the team for good."


The whole team sits in support of Declan, and Coach tells them "Do this. Do this. And you'll regret it, for the rest of your Lives!" When no one moves, he slams his notebook on the floor, and the referee announces a forfeit as Coach is walking off the court.


Season 1

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