Charlie Tanner
Seasons1, 2
First SeenDiving In
Last SeenFree to Be You and Me
Portrayed byCory Monteith
Charlie Tanner is the boyfriend of Amanda during Season 1. He's played by Cory Montieth.

Season 1

Charlie is first appears at the end of the epsiode Diving In, where he's introduced as Amanda's long-term boyfriend. Kyle initially dislikes him because of his feelings for Amanda, but eventually comes to accept their relationship. He and Kyle also when in the episode Kyle Got Game, where they play for the school's basketball team. Towards the end of the first season, Kyle learns that Charlie is cheating on Amanda with Lori's best friend Hillary

Season 2

When Kyle returns to live with the Trager family, he finds out that Charlie was still dating Amanda. In The List is Life, Charlie arranges to sleep with a girl during the school's bonfire. While waiting for him, the girl becomes trapped in a building after it accidentally sets on fire. Charlie refuses to go inside out of fear of getting hurt, so Kyle saves her instead. At the end of the episode, an annual list names Charlie the school's "biggest slut". Charlie immediately claims to Amanda that it's a lie, but Hillary tells her the truth. Amanda storms out of the cafeteria. Ending their relationship.

Charlie quickly got over Amanda and attempted to hit on Jessi, but she ignored him for Declan. He attended the alterna-dance, but was clearly upset at seeing Amanda with Kyle. He got drunk and began to making gay slurs. His only remaining friend Declan subsequently left him.


Season 1

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Season 2

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