For information dealing with this year in the timeline of the fictional Kyle XY universe, see 2007.



June 11 
"The Prophet" airs.
June 18 
"Homecoming" airs.
June 25 
"The List is Life" airs.


July 2 
"Balancing Act" airs.
July 9 
"Come to Your Senses" airs.
July 16 
"Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish" airs.
July 23 
"Free To Be You and Me" airs.
July 30 
"What's the Frequency, Kyle?" airs.


August 6 
"Ghost in the Machine" airs.
August 13 
"House of Cards" airs.
August 20 
"Hands on a Hybrid" airs.
August 27 
"Lockdown" airs.


September 3 
"Leap of Faith" airs.

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